9 May 2016


Move to sustain the environment
The industrialised world is in a global crisis. Change is necessary. The Sustainability Movement has a wider view on what is necessary in order to change the mindsets of the community and industry towards making the sustainability process work in a more integrated manner.

Manifest of the Five R’s
We contend that there are at least five steps – the Five R’s:

Refuse, Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle – and then of course, Rejoice!

A key tenet of sustainability is a reduction of consumption, especially products from far away.

Founder of the Sustainability Movement is Rusty – a reuser who practices what he speaks and writes.

Other areas we are engaged with:

Sustainable transport
Pushy Library is about providing free bicycles to local residents – in particular to young people and pensionists. We are also engaged in various advisory initiatives concerning road safety issues.

Energy park
We want to build community energy set ups to assist powering our town with renewable energy sources such as solar PV.

Hard waste collection
Why is there no hard waste collection in Geelong? Why have several councils moved away from this important service?