22 April 2017

Urban Food Trail


We are a not-for-profit gardening group, interested in working with the community to assist looking after the food crops in peoples’ backyards – or front yard, verge.

How does it work?

Let’s say you have a crop of fruit, vegies or herbs that is more than you need and you don’t have time to harvest the rest, or you don’t know what to do with it all. A couple of our members can call by to harvest for you, leave a share with you and take the rest to distribute either fresh or preserved to other Urban Food Trail (UFT) users.

Or perhaps you have fruit trees or a vegie patch that you’re struggling to maintain. We can help with that too. Many of our members are enthusiastic gardeners who can assist with pruning, feeding or just advice.

Why have an Urban Food Trail?

  • Less fresh produce going to waste,
  • Revitalisation of backyard food production
  • Assistance for those who can no longer care for their food gardens
  • Community revitalisation

What’s in for us?

We get to share in the food and utilise this resource rather than leave it to waste. The owner gets their share first. The community get the food either directly or via preserving methods. For example, if we can accumulate enough tomatoes we would hold a “Sauce Day”. This would be a social day and a good opportunity to meet others in your community; a great chance to Hygge! Every participant goes away with fresh sauce, new knowledge and new friends and contacts.

Some of our members also grow their own food and will contribute for distribution or engage in regular swaps or barter, in a market day.

Like to be a part of community revitalisation?
Then contact us